Why is the Department of Defense Involved in Funding Prostate Cancer Research?

In 1992 a highly visible lobbying campaign by grassroots advocacy
organizations, primarily the National Breast Cancer Coalition, increased
awareness among policymakers of the need to expand funding for breast cancer
research. These consumer groups emphasized the need to fund research in ways
that were different from those employed by traditional medical research
organizations such as the National Institutes of Health.

Congress allocated specific funds for breast cancer research in the
Department of Defense (DOD) appropriations bill. The Department of Defense was
chosen because of its long history in performing medical research studies and
because the program was designed for flexible and quick responses to changing
research needs and priorities. The Department of Defense Congressionally
Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) now administers programs funding
breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, chronic myelogenous leukemia,
neurofibromatosis, and tuberous sclerosis research.

Does the CDMRP Work?

The CDMRP differs from other federal research programs by funding high
risk-high reward research and employs a multi-year strategic plan that involves
scientists and patients in the grant review process. Funding from the CDMRP has
already led to breakthroughs in the war on cancer with the breast cancer drug
Herceptin and the leukemia drug Gleevec.

Why is the Prostate Cancer Community Requesting $125 million for the CDMRP?

More research will lead to better diagnostic tools, better treatments,
better quality of life after treatment and ultimately a cure.  It will also
allow the CDMRP program to conduct vitally important human clinical trials.
Clinical trials are the only way to get promising treatments tested and approved
for use by patients.

What has been cut due to lack of funding?

Human clinical trials have not been fully funded in eight years as the
program has not been able to match medical inflation during that time.
Currently, the CDMRP cannot directly fund clinical trials in fiscal year 2009.

Without adequate funding, clinical trial studies that might produce
potentially lifesaving medicines will never have the opportunity to make it to
the patients who need them most.

Who is Supporting this Initiative?

The initiative to increase federal research funding at the CDMRP is a
cooperative activity of more than 15 national and state organizations committed
to ending the death and suffering due to prostate cancer.

What Can I Do to Help?

Right now is the time to act! Click
and ask your Congressman and Senators to increase the
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) for Prostate Cancer at
the Department of Defense (DOD) to $125 million in order to end this disease and
save lives. When you are done, make sure to email your friends and relatives and
have them contact Congress. Together we will beat this disease, saving countless

To Learn More About the CDMRP/PCRP

Download the Prostate Cancer Research Program online brochure for an
excellent idea of what the CDMRP is all about: http://cdmrp.army.mil/pubs/pips/pcpip.pdf

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