Increase public awareness and visibility of prostate cancer.

Activity: Serve as a clearinghouse and coordinator of prostate cancer educational information and activities including, but not limited to, its impact, diagnosis and treatment, associated morbidity and mortality rate, survival rate with early detection and treatment.

Increase the number of concerned and committed coalition participants/activists.

Activity: Identify patients, survivors, concerned citizens and professionals who have an interest in and can contribute to the mission and goals of VPCC.

Identify major funding sources for coalition support.

Activity: Research and contact potential funding sources.

Encourage healthy lifestyle changes for cancer prevention.

Activity: Gather and disseminate information developed by acknowledged professional individuals and organizations.

Identify liaisons to work with legislators.

Activity: Develop a statewide network for education and advocacy.

Increase accessibility to early diagnosis and treatment.

Activity: Provide information throughout the state regarding screenings, treatment options, and accessibility.

Increase treatment options of men with advanced prostate cancer.

Activity: Identify existing and potential treatments by getting funding for, and research to, developing new treatments for men with advanced prostate cancer.

Increase prostate cancer research funding.

Activity: Research current and potential funding sources.

Educate medical community in state-of-the-art detection and treatment of prostate cancer.

Activity: Work with the medical community to establish standard detection and treatment guidelines, practices and procedures

Increase awareness of and accessibility to clinical trials.

Activity: Provide information statewide regarding clinical trials.

Decrease late-stage prostate cancer at time of diagnosis.

Activity: Develop and implement an action plan to reduce the incidence of late-state prostate cancer at time of initial diagnosis.

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