VPCC invites the  members of our faith communities to  partner with us to recognize the crisis of prostate cancer this Father’s Day. We request that prostate cancer patients, survivors, their families, and friends and families of victims be recognized and that prayers be offered on behalf of all men and their families who are dealing with prostate cancer.

The Virginia Prostate Cancer Coalition is dedicated to eliminating prostate cancer as a cause of death and of suffering for men and their families.

Virginia has the 7th highest prostate cancer mortality rate in the nation. It is estimated that 620 Virginia men will die of this disease in 2010: 434 white men and 186 black men.

June 14-20 is National Men’s Health Week so we are targeting Father’s Day, June 20th, as an appropriate time for this prayer. We believe this will help raise awareness of prostate cancer as well as give support to those impacted by this disease. We also need to educate younger men, ages 35-50 to learn more about this disease, and obtain early diagnosis and treatment, if necessary.

One prayer that you could offer is shown below.  Any prayer that you use will be welcome.

We pray for all those suffering with prostate cancer and remember those who were taken from us by this disease. May Your healing presence give strength and sustenance to their families and loved ones. Help us to be vigilant in caring for our earthly bodies, especially young men by early diagnosis and appropriate treatment (or early diagnosis and follow-up). Bless those survivors who have been cured of this cancer. We also call upon You to provide insight to those in the forefront of research as they seek to find a cure for prostate cancer.  In Your name we pray.  Amen.

Thank you for your consideration of our prayer.


VPCC is participating in Community Health Fair Programs during May through October.


VPCC members are conducting many awareness and education programs throughout Virginia and the District of Columbia. For additional details contact Alvin Chin (703-912-9004), the speaker group coordinator.

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